Meet Ms. Petra

All Music Together® teachers have successfully completed Music Together's specific training program in order to become registered Music Together teachers; and they draw from a rich musical background and experience in early childhood education.

photo Petra Soltis

Petra was born and raised in Germany. Her love for music began very early in her life, singing songs while laying in her crib and as a toddler imitating every foreign language song she heard on the radio. She began taking music and dance classes at the age of 4 and started playing piano at the age of six.
Petra graduated from the Robert Schumann College of Music in Germany in 1992. She worked several years in the TV, Radio, Theatre and Recording Industry as an Audio Engineer in Germany and in the U.S.
When she expected her daughter in 1998, she shifted her professional interests in a different direction and began teaching German to children at a private language school in New Jersey.

After attending different Early Childhood Music programs with her daughter, they both fell in love with Music Together classes and Petra decided to combine her love for children and music, become a Music Together director and bring this program to Wimberley, TX.

In 2003 she became a registered Music Together teacher and has been teaching in Wimberley and at Austin's Armstrong Community Music School, as well as at the Lockhart Montessori School, ever since. Petra also teaches piano lessons at the Armstrong Community Music School.

Petra recently graduated with a dual Masters degree in business (MBA/M-GM) at the Kelley School of Business and the Thunderbird School of Global Management. However, she continues to teach to make sure she keeps enough music and fun in her life.

Petra truly believes that all children are musical and has witnessed many times how inspiring and creatively stimulating a rich musical environment is for a child.
The earlier a child is exposed to a variety of music in a fun and playful way, the greater are the musical benefits.