See what our parents and students have to say about the classes

Ms. Petra is a wonderful teacher. She is very knowledgeable and has a gift for assessing where the children are and keeping them engaged and excited.

Jayna's mom

She is amazing and gives great educational facts about how music affects their brain development.

Hannah's Mom

We thoroughly enjoy all aspects of this class. We've seen tremendous growth in our child's 'understanding'/interaction in all things musical!

Zoe's Mom

Petra is relentlessly positive and warm. She instills a love of music into children and adults alike.

Freya's Dad

We love Miss Petra and Music class!! I can't emphasize how much both of my girls (2 yrs & 10 months) & my husband & myself enjoy this class.
Thank you for always having a bright and cheery smile Petra! You make our week.

Lucy and Lili's Mom

Petra, We truly appreciate the time you took to prepare each week - it was so apparent in class. We also appreciate that you share child development research and articles. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

Claire's Mom

Petra is a great teacher and her enthusiasm is contagious. She does a great job keeping things moving.

Conor's Mom

I believe children are the best judges of character and the children in Miss Petra's class adore her. Her enthusiasm for music has dramatically affected the way my daughter has fallen in love with music. Miss Petra's passion for children shines through her smile and energy during every single session.

Estella's Mom, after 2 years

Miss Petra has such a beautiful voice and she's so great with the kids.

James' Mom

Petra is awesome. Very patient, encourages individualism and creativity.

Jude's Mom

Ms. Petra,Thank you so much for being our teacher. We all loved coming to class and singing together. The kids also loved singing outside class & listening to the CD. Thank you again.

Zoe & Ian, 4 and 2 yrs.

This class is terrific for the little ones! My kids love Miss Petra!! Wimberley classes are on Monday mornings at 9:30am. Hope to see you there!

Mom of Sawyer, Lennox and Dagny

Ms. Petra is amazing and excellent! We love her!! We love the diversity of the music.

Rohan's Mom at ACMS Austin

Ms. Petra, thank you for the fun!

Jasmin, 4 yrs

Ms Petra is a delight and works wonderfully with children! I enjoyed the class as much as my daughter

Julia's Mom

Miss Petra was very engaging and friendly. She has a lot of patience with the little ones and the distractions that come with them.

Michael's Mom

We love music class with Petra! It has made such a difference in Grace and her appreciation of music! Thank you!

Grace's Mom

This class is the highlight of our week. Thanks for your energy, creativity and ideas!

Evelyn's Mom

We love Petra, her voice, knowledge of material & music & her interest in the children & development.

Meyer's Mom ACMS Austin

The joy and love of music & children exudes from Petra

Jack's Mom

Petra is the best; she keeps control of the class & kids, but still allows soo much fun!

Emily's Mom

Of all the different programs my daughter attended in the past and current, she was most excited about this music class!

Emily's Mom

We'd like you to know how thankful we are for your enthusiasm and skill. Music Together® has been a blessing and a happy constant in our lives. The songs have truly been a communication tool for our family. When our daughter didn't comprehend words, the songs held meaning for her. We've used her familiarity with these songs to help her fall asleep every night, get her to wear a coat as a 6 month old, clean up after a spill, notice leaves falling outside, and cope with a long overseas vacation this summer. She requested a song today from her very first session which she started at 4 months old! Her musical memory and growth has been astounding. We recognize great value in these classes and early music exposure. Hopefully we'll get to take another Petra class soon!

Anabel's Mom, after 6 sessions

"Hello everybody, so glad to see you!" Ms. Petra, thank you for teaching me to do music.

Patrick, 3 yrs

Excellent class! Sam has shown much more interest in music since he's started.

Sam's Mom

We love this class & Petra is marvelous

Will's Mom

My 17 month-old son LOVES this class and really looks forward to it.

Finn's Mom

Petra is an excellent teacher. My daughter talks about her throughout the week.

Caroline's Mom ACMS Austin

We love the class. My child is responding more and more everyday.

Nicholas' Mom ACMS Austin

Gabriel has opened up due to class.

Gabriel's Mom ACMS Austin

We love Miss Petra!!! Music class is so much fun

Spencer's Mom ACMS Austin

The classes are always so much fun and full of energy!

Joe's Mom

Petra is great! She did a fabulous job interacting with my child who is normally very shy.

Ella's Mom

As always, we loved the class! She's a fabulous teacher. We'll be returning.

Anjali's Mom